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Forces in Maryland Since 2001

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Who is TakeBackMaryland.org?

TakeBackMaryland.org is a non-partisan, proactive group of individuals and organizations whose sole purpose is to return the state of Maryland and the United States of America back to the Biblical foundations the made Her great and free! We consider ourselves ‘moral progressive’s’ that is to say that we believe that life, liberty, private property and the pursue of happiness can only be achieve by following God’s law and Biblical principles. We do not believe in a theocracy, but rather a Constitutional Republic that our forefathers designed which acknowledge a higher authority for law.

We confess our belief in our personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We are not afraid of our Christian worldview and invite all to participate in the pursuit of truth.  We believe in absolute truth as declared from God’s word. We are open to discuss and listen to all points of view; for we feel in the end, the truth will be self-evident. Divinely revealed truth in the Scripture is our baseline.

TakeBackMaryland.org will not beholden to any person, public or private organization, save our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We rely on the consul and accountability of three Maryland Churches.  For this reason, we our not (and will never be) incorporated nor do we have (or in any way require) a 501(3)C status with the IRS. We call other individuals and entities to do the same and free themselves from governmental control. NO KING BUT KING JESUS!      


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